1. Dear Intimate Pollens,

    Today is the Day / The NOÖ Weekly / I Guest Edited / Comes Out of its Rainbow Prism Cunt-coon.

    I’m so Happy. / I’m a Volcano.

    I assigned seven of my favorite writers a color and out they came. Jared Harvey is Red. Donald Dunbar is Orange. Elisabeth Workman is Yellow. Edward Mullany is Green. Claire Donato is Blue. Bridget Mendel is Indigo. Cassandra Troyan is Violet.

    Read / Weep <3 / That’s all I do. 


  2. SJA's rejected Kickstarter Prizes

    1. sarahjeanalex: for $150, you will be the 'you' sarah jean thinks about when she is reading her poems
    2. sarahjeanalex: for $450, sarah jean will marry you in your homestate for as as long as is legally allowed before the license can be terminated without an annulment or divorce
    3. sarahjeanalex: for $1,050, sarah jean will spend an entire year crying over you while you are mean to her
    4. I'm about to be out of $1,650
  3. isaidokwow:

    stephanie young at harriet about body commotion/resistance, travel/no travel, feedback experiments to make/transform workshops

    "Music for airports: a syllabus I made this winter, or the first half of it. I wanted to info-share this syllabus, to say something about the possible connections between all the writing that happens out here, and all the writing that happens in there. Reception circuits, building them. Music and ambience. At some point this semester, work started to arrive in layers, complicated feedback stapled to poems in which it was sometimes difficult to tell one from the other. Beautiful, lyric feedback. Profoundly not busy work. Totally engaged.”


    “A no-space of extremity, without inhibitions, lifted”


  4. i wanna b yr ghost / i wanna b yr ghost

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  5. whatmountains:

    Kind of obsessed with the floral prints at this vintage sale

    flowers and how they can be reshaped is IT for me, guys. 


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  7. cassandragillig:

    "My middle finger’s sore from too much up-pointing"
    "Middle finger to my old life"



  8. I just listened to this twice on my way to and from somewhere. It is amazing. “I am awake in the place where women die.” Listen to this and then listen to this and then watch “The Breakfast Club” while you continue working. 

  9. boosthouse:

    The Yolo Pages official trailer

    The trailer for The Yolo Pages has just dropped and this means that you should invest two and a half minutes of your life into watching it. You will be convinced. View at your peril! Spooky contents!

    Order the book @ boost-house.com


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