there were wrecks and wrecks, the keeper said

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"Why is female vulnerability still only acceptable when it’s neuroticized and personal; when it feeds back on itself? Why do people still not get it when we handle vulnerability like philosophy, at some remove?"

— Chris Krauss, I Love Dick pp. 207-208 (via fleurisms)

(via othernotebooksareavailable)

I’m a farmer

I’m a farmer

rainfog in the impossible place  (at Wakulla Springs)

rainfog in the impossible place (at Wakulla Springs)

BANKS – In Your Eyes (Peter Gabriel Cover) (10,475 plays)



"Work your ass off to change the language & dont ever get famous."

— Bernadette Mayer, “Experiments” (via fscottfitzgerald)

(via danielaolszewska)

"You are too sentimental. It makes you reject the dreadful."

— “Under My Green Jacket,” The Desires of Mothers to Please Others in Letters, Bernadette Mayer

a / letter

a / letter

Top 7 Sensations


Back scratch
Arm scratch
Having hair shampooed by rough-handed woman
Turning on a shower and then reclining in bath tub
Emerging from seawater to dry in the sun
Hotel towel


Carrie Lorig & Sara Woods, from "STONES ALL LINK ARMS," published in gritty silk