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"Work your ass off to change the language & dont ever get famous."

— Bernadette Mayer, “Experiments” (via fscottfitzgerald)

(via danielaolszewska)

"You are too sentimental. It makes you reject the dreadful."

— “Under My Green Jacket,” The Desires of Mothers to Please Others in Letters, Bernadette Mayer

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Top 7 Sensations


Back scratch
Arm scratch
Having hair shampooed by rough-handed woman
Turning on a shower and then reclining in bath tub
Emerging from seawater to dry in the sun
Hotel towel


Carrie Lorig & Sara Woods, from "STONES ALL LINK ARMS," published in gritty silk

"The right to love refusal is black music. The song about desire always wants to disappear. In the second instance, she released in public chastity, flirting at the club and wound. Damaged from repeating, can you stay?"

— Fred Moten, “Frank Ramsay,” B Jenkins


Tavi Gevinson goes places with POETRY!


Tavi Gevinson goes places with POETRY!

Our Drinks, Our Bodies


I’ve heard many poets share the sentiment that, due to all the recent sexual violence toward women at poetry readings, they will take a 6-month sobriety stand against such crimes. This was a hard sentence to write and then reconcile, because it is certainly noble to do this, and it comes from a place of safety and absolute support. That being said, I take issue with how the choice to drink or not drink conflates sexual violence to facile terms of sobriety vs non-sobriety. And I know that that is not the intention of those participating in this, and in fact, is also a caveat they’ve voiced. I know we’re all helpless to the atrocities others do in secret, and this stance feels good for that. In the wake of the horrendous rape and subsequent public raping of Jada, I have pause with what this message comes down to. I want to join in in support of this movement, but I worry about the implications. I worry that this is just one more instance of suggesting it is women who need to change their lifestyles to defend against potential trauma, and it is difficult to disentangle this feeling from the cause of political sobriety.